Zimbabwe - A World of Wonders

An all - time tourism destination

Zimbabwe is like a soothing song that one always wants to listen to regardless of time, a real classic destination indeed. Who would not want to listen to such well-choreographed rhythm that knows no race, creed, nationality, age, gender, ethnicity, color or tutoring. Such is the allure of the country that you too should experience. The nation’s hospitality will definitely fill up all your insatiable holiday appetite. The musical arrangement is made up of different sounds coming out of the famous 7 wonders that make Zimbabwe, A world of wonders. Wonder around this destination as you soothe your soul, body and mind listening to the wonderful compilation of 7 different genres.


Our wonderful people and culture

The wonderful people of Zimbabwe and their vibrant culture embed lasting and fond memories of a taste of Zimbabwe. Religion is a major attribute to the Zimbabwean culture, influencing the arts especially music and dance. Traditional diets are usually starch based and are accompanied by a diversity of rich and natural vegetable and meat relish.

Great Zimbabwe, The Grand Medieval Palace

The majestic medieval ‘stone city’ palace;-the great Zimbabwe stands out as the grandest of all extraordinary ruins of civilizations by-gone the reason why they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Great Zimbabwe ruins are the second biggest man-made stone structure in Africa after the Egyptians Pyramids. Zimbabwean native ingenuity and architecture is evident within these ruins. The country gets its name from these ruins “dzimba dzemabwe” loosely translated as “big houses of stone”.

Our Pristine wildlife and nature

The pristine nature and the abundant wildlife complete the wonderful experience of Zimbabwe. Over 20% of the country’s land area is set aside for parks and botanical gardens with Hwange National Park , the biggest of all Zimbabwean parks and one of leading game reserves of the world, home to over 1000 wildlife species. Gonarezhou National Park among our many parks and others house our famous big 7; lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, crocodile and the hippo.

The Mythical Kariba and mighty Zambezi

the mythical kariba

The phenomenal and mythical Kariba, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, bears legend of the Nyami-Nyami, river God, believed to be the protector of the lake. No wonder why there can never be any better cruise the world over than that experienced under the Sunset on the Kariba Dam.

Our Rich History and Heritage

Various store houses, especially museums, which are scattered all over the country preserve Zimbabwe’s rich history and heritage. Better still; a heritage that has been preserved over centuries in over 2000 accessible rock art caves and sites can be explored to totally absorb the meaning of Zimbabwe today.

The Majestic Victoria Falls, Mosi- oa- Tunya

The Majestic Victoria Falls, Mosi- oa- Tunya, arguably the most astonishing natural wonder of the “7 natural wonders of the world” is a must visit destination for the modern tourist. Victoria Falls has been unanimously branded “The unchallenged Adventure Capital of Africa” presenting over 50 registered activities for tourist enjoyment; both adrenalin and subtle. Splendid eco-friendly hotels abound in the Victoria Falls including the best hotel world’s brands. The distinction and magnificence of the Victoria Falls is makes up one of the wonders of Zimbabwe complimented by six other wonderful attributes typically Zimbabwean.

The Mystique of the Eastern Highlands

Zimbabwe’s Eastern highlands possess some of the most intriguing landscapes the human eye can ever behold. The splendor of the scenery compelled an explorer of the 1800 Cecil J. Rhodes to permanently settle there to daily absorb the beauty of the area until his death. Rhodes’ Museum, which sits on Rhodes actual Residence and the exquisite world class golf resorts are just part of the snack of the eastern Highlands offering.

Zimbabwe is amazingly endowed with natural beauty and possesses a great depth and diversity of culture, history and heritage. This Unique cocktail of tourism activities naturally qualifies Zimbabwe as the 8th wonder of the world.

Visit Zimbabwe and experience the best the world has to offer today, tomorrow and forever, You will definitely not tire listening to the classic arrangement; Zimbabwe A World of Wonders.

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